We Have to Take The Power Back

The balance of power has swayed to the other side for too long now. It’s about time that we take the power back. This love affair has lasted long enough. We need to quell the uprising. The iron fist needs to return. Our houses need to be rescued from their current state of disarray.

Of course, I am talking about the hold women seem to have over men – men that like women that is. Women do not seem to have the same hold over men who like men. Why is that? And how do straight men regain control and return women to their rightful place – obeying us and keeping the house clean?

The Problem is Real

When one thinks of social problems they think of the homeless, high unemployment and the crime rate. What most people do not realize is that the gravest social issue of all is that of women in the workforce. The result has had undesirable effects both in the workplace and at home. The economics of the matter have gone unnoticed and the psychological effects ignored even more!

An examination of productivity in the workplace shows that productivity was higher by 200% just 40 years ago with a workforce half the size. Worse still is that productivity has declined in exact proportions with the increase of women in the workforce. This should be argument enough to return women to the 1950’s. This decrease in productivity translates to a trillion dollar plus drain on the world economy. Yikes!

Eliminating Unemployment

The positive economic effects of limiting a woman’s role in the workplace are myriad. Removing women from the workforce means practically no unemployment. When did unemployment begin to rise? We began tracking this statistic called ‘unemployment’ when women entered the workforce en masse. There were enough jobs for just men before women decided they had to be wage earners as well.

In addition to the decrease in unemployment would be the positive gains in productivity. The recapturing of one trillion dollars worldwide would more than offset the loss of women from the workforce. This gain should translate into higher paying jobs all around so that there is no need to worry about the loss of that second, albeit less, income.

If a woman wants a job, it really should be watching the precious children she helped create with her husband. This also leaves time for soap operas, cleaning the house and making dinner for her wonderful husband. Why did women insist on changing this? Everyone had jobs when women were limited to positions as secretaries, nurses and kindergarten teachers, children were assured that there would be a warm, loving person on the other side of the door when they got home and men were guaranteed jobs they could be proud to have. Now men become nurses while women are becoming doctors!

Think of the Children!!! 

Economic concerns aside, women need to return to the home for sociological reasons too. Did you know that crime has risen dramatically every year since women left their children home alone in search of meaning to lives they claimed were dull and unimportant? And since when was meaning found in something other than our children – the most important resource we have? It is this lack of love that has caused things such as Attention Deficit Disorder, the proliferation of gangs, hackers, video game addicts, children who talk back, children who have no respect for authority, the destruction of the planet’s environment and so on.

If women dedicated themselves to their husbands and children, then perhaps we would not be facing global warming. Their second wage has meant the need for a second car. That second car pumps that much more crap into the atmosphere. It also means that there is money available for junior to get his own car when the time arrives.

Psychological effects abound too. When a mother is emotionally absent from her child she feels guilt. Children know how to feed off this guilt. I know. I was a child once. This guilt allows junior to convince mother that his own car is necessary for the dysfunctional family to continue functioning dysfunctionally. Mom would not need to give up her vehicle as long as junior has his own to use. A mother at home prevents this from providing discipline to directionless children and she saves the ozone layer at the same time.

I could go on and on about the merits of women staying home. But to do so would be to ramble incessantly. And I assure you that I am no woman. I will say this. It is time that men start thinking for women again. Women have clearly shown the inability to think properly for themselves. Women have allowed our children to run wild. Their limitless greed has caused the planet’s environment to deteriorate tremendously. Finally, women have forgotten that their husbands and boyfriends have needs. Those needs are not presently being met. Men must convey to women that they will stand for this no longer! We should not have to get our own beer from the fridge. But how can me make the positive changes necessary to save the world from women?

Self Gratification is the Key

We need to masturbate more than we already do. In fact, we need to go on a sexual strike for several reasons. First and foremost, women don’t think we can do it. That’s reason enough as far as I am concerned. How can men achieve the respect we so rightly deserve without earning it?

Secondly, lack of sex will bring women to their knees. If we can believe the stats, and when has a statistic ever been wrong, then we know that only 0.3% of women compared to 100% of men masturbate. Men already do this and can do it more. But it is doubtful that women can achieve the same sort of sexual gratification from their fingers or vibrating toys than a man with a free hand and reruns of Baywatch can. If the movie Bridget Jones’ Diary is at all accurate, then there is no way a woman can remain secure without sex.

The only people who can effect the changes necessary to make this planet liveable again are men. Men need to masturbate more and have sex with women less – if at all. Only once they have submitted to us can we have sex again. Once we have learned to live without women then women will learn that they cannot live without us. The shift in power will be complete and snowballs will once again rule in hell.

Chick Flicks

It is the most hated thing since the New York Yankees. Men try to avoid it at all costs. Women try to inflict it on us just because they can. I am of course talking about the chick flick.

Every man that has ever wanted to get some has had to endure this task first. It’s as if women are thinking, “I want sex as bad as you, but you don’t know that, so I’m going to make you sit through my propaganda movie before I even consider letting your snake anywhere near my cave.” After all, is a chick flick anything less than propaganda?

Think about it. WAKE UP! Turn off The Fast and the Furious for just a sec. Yes, I know it has everything a man is interested in; fast cars, hot women and conflict. I know that although the plot is questionable the movie is fantastic. WOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR A SECOND? THIS IS IMPORTANT. Thank you.

Women are good at something that men aren’t – their image. Propaganda. Women are so good at it that some men have bought into it and are feeding us their crap. The chick flick is the ultimate propaganda vehicle. Where else could you possibly learn that women only have affairs because abusive or boring husbands do not satisfy them? How else could you know that the sweet guy really does get the girl? Why else would you suspect that a woman could actually do a job as well as a man and maybe better? We know these are all false.

Women tell us this stuff and we believe them. Do you really think a woman could have broken Babe Ruth’s home run record? Not a chance. Do you really believe that a woman could score as many goals in their rookie season as Wayne Gretzky? Absolutely not. Does a woman saying, “Go ahead. Make my day” have nearly the same effect? Not in a million years! So why would you believe that the only reason a woman cheats on a man is because he is boring, or ignores her, or is a workaholic? It’s because women tell you to.

I want you to think about every movie you have ever watched that a woman dragged you to. The Bridges of Madison County was about a mother’s desire to be cremated and sprinkled over some flippin’ bridge instead of alongside her FAITHFUL husband. She wanted to rest near the man she cheated with instead of alongside the man she cheated on. Why is this bad? For starters, the only one that is implicated in the affair is the FAITHFUL husband. She cheated because she didn’t feel loved at home. We are told to believe that it was his fault for her adultery. Propaganda!

Let’s examine another movie. How about Evita? It’s about the daughter of a wealthy man and the town slut. The slut and daughter are ignored in shame, never accepted as a daughter by the man. Eventually, and overcoming great odds, that little girl rises up to become a massive political force letting women think they can do anything. I know this is based on a true story. Lots of things are based on true stories, but that doesn’t make them true. Isn’t that how gossip evolves?

This propaganda is not limited to women justifying their behaviour. They also try to change our opinions of a man’s behaviour. Fatal Attraction depicts a man who has an affair for all the “wrong” reasons. Simply put, he had a hard on. In fact, every movie ever produced by Hollywood regarding this subject matter has portrayed men as having affairs on perfectly good women simply to satisfy an urge. There is never justification for his affair in Fatal Attraction other than the excitement of a one-night stand. Yet every woman who has an affair, according to the real life that Hollywood purports to portray, does so because she is with a less than perfect man. That is just ridiculous. All men are perfect!

My favourite propaganda film is the one that depicts the sweet, but physically less attractive male getting the nice looking woman. That’s bullshit. Every girl I have ever dated has wanted the bad boy. They want the guy who is impulsive, and sometimes vulgar. They want that excitement. So why the ruse? Why let the nerd think he has a chance? It is simple really. They need the nerd. He does get the girl, to an extent. He is stable. He is a monetary provider. He is the one they want to raise their children. Too bad that chances are the bad boy is their father.

You now have information. What you do with it is up to you. No matter what, you are probably stuck going to see their propaganda. But now that you know what it is you can make yourself immune to it. A man is just as likely to have an affair out of loneliness as a woman. A woman is just as likely to have an affair out of lust as a man. In fact, her propaganda tells us this. She married that sweet, stable, and probably successful man for the sole purpose of cheating on him. At least that is what her movies tell us.

You can now return to The Fast and the Furious. I just hope you look at these things differently now. And remember, the action movie is not as vile to a woman as the chick flick is to us. We may want to be Vin Diesel, but she definitely wants to be with Vin Diesel.


Welcome to www.manology.com. It has been at least 10 years since I have updated this site. This place started as a joke where I would add my thoughts about the relationships men encounter with women, and other guy related items. The majority of the content I will be posting in the next few weeks is simply reposting those “articles” from my youth.

Since then life has changed quite a bit for me. I got married, and am still married coming up on 12 years. We have three children, two boys and a girl. It is easy to blame a wife and kids for why I have given up on my passion of writing what I think are humourous observations, so that’s exactly what I will do. But the wonderful thing about passion is that it cannot be suppressed for too long. With luck, I will be adding new content in the next few months and will continue to do so. Thanks for listening!