About Me

My name is Stefanos Papadopoulos. I was born in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I still live today. I studied at the University of Toronto with a focus in Political Science and Sociology. I chose that path because I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, and later a politician. I have always enjoyed helping people and I viewed both of those paths as a way to help those in need.

Life had a different path for me though. I ended up abandoning law school for a full-time job at a bank after graduation. I stayed there as an analyst for 8 years before getting my real estate licence where I have been helping people find their homes since 2004. Check out my real estate websites at www.soldbystefanos.com and www.askatorontorealtor.com.

I have 3 children and the perspective they give one is immense. I have these 3 little people looking to me for guidance, for leadership, for their example. Let’s face it, we can all be better people and if we are lucky, our children give us the motivation to be better. This is why Manology will be reborn. I hope to give you something of value when you visit.